Business Use-Cases

The MetaFluent architecture has been developed over several years to respond to a number of related business uses. Click on a use case below for more information.

Simple, vendor-neutral access to market data

The proprietary APIs and data models of traditional market data systems impose significant costs and risks, and also limit business-unit flexibility. MetaFluent hides vendor complexity while enabling applications to publish and subscribe market data via standards-based interfaces, along with conventions (such as symbology) that make sense to a given user group.

High-performance, vendor-neutral Excel integration

Traditional Excel add-ins have antiquated designs that struggle under modern demands for streaming data. They also have compatibility problems and consume large amounts of desktop resource. MetaFluent offers a new, streamlined approach that provides better performance and compatibility in a smaller footprint.

Simple, fast publishing

Many trading desks create streams of their own data in Excel or custom applications for distribution to other users. Traditional approaches to internal publishing are unwieldy, impose an unnecessarily high latency, and provide too little control. MetaFluent offers a LAN-based publishing solution that is simple (even for publishing collections), provides centralized or decentralized control and validation, and minimizes latency.

Streamlined creation of value-added content

Business groups need to take in dynamic content (e.g., market data, trade notifications) and stream out internal rates, analytics, positions, and risk information in real time. Doing this with traditional technologies is complex--sometimes to the point of sheer impracticality. MetaFluent provides a simple and scalable way to create and distribute value-added content--be it yield curves, portfolio valuations, or even content generated by a CEP engine.

Simple, vendor-neutral entitlements checking

Trading firms have an increasing number of apps that need to access fee-liable data but don't connect directly to a system that enforces permissions. MetaFluent provides an easy, effective, and scalable way to use one or more permissioning systems such as Thomson Reuters Open DACS or NYSE Technologies Open Entitlements API (aka DART) to control entitlement for any application throughout the enterprise.