Our Mission

MetaFluent's mission is to make trading organizations more agile by providing them with software that simplifies the development, deployment, and migration of applications that use dynamic data. It does this through unique ways of abstracting data sources behind industry standard APIs and user interfaces.

Trading organizations today develop an increasing number of applications that access dynamic data such as streaming prices, internal rates, trade notifications, and updating position and risk information. Many of these apps also publish their own real-time data to other apps. Integrating this content can be a challenge. Vendor symbology and data layouts differ and are often unfamiliar to developers, a problem which multiplies if the application requires integration of dynamic and non-dynamic data. Moreover, dynamic data sources usually come with proprietary APIs and a corresponding lack of abstraction which mean a significant learning curve. These issues slow development, increase maintenance expense over the application lifecycle, and create rigidities that make it difficult to meet new requirements--that is, they slow the time to market for new applications. And in a trading organization, time is money.

MetaFluent delivers products that turn this model on its head, adapting data to your business rather than the other way around. User groups can access or publish data in ways that make sense to them--using a symbology and data model familiar to them--with a quality of service appropriate to their function. Developers can use well-known standard APIs like JMS while enjoying all the performance and functionality (such as entitlements enforcement) required by real-time market data and other content. MetaFluent puts the effort into making dynamic data management simple and flexible so that you don't have to. And that allows you to turn time back into money.