MetaFluent JMS Server Implementation

In conjunction with the various MetaFluent JMS API implementations, the MetaFluent JMS Server is an extensible, modular JMS Provider based on the MetaFluent Server Framework. The modular architecture means the MetaFluent JMS Server supports a variety of different configurations combining different kinds of functionality so as to efficiently support different business needs - ranging from traditional enterprise application integration to the more specialized functionality of a distribution system for dynamic data.

Content Distribution

Deploying the MetaFluent JMS Server product as a content distribution solution entails combining content "distribution adapter" components that understand the MetaFluent JMS wire protocol with both managed and un-managed content adapters.


The MetaFluent JMS architecture also supports traditional inter-application messaging with publisher and subscriber applications exchanging messages with each other.


Combining messaging capabilities with the appropriate types of enterprise adapters gives the MetaFluent JMS Server the ability to serve as an integration point between different client applications and various types of middleware.

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