MetaFluent JMS Providers

The MetaFluent architecture includes multiple JMS Providers, each suitable for different types of solutions.

MetaFluent JMS Server Provider

This JMS Provider relies on the MetaFluent JMS Server, a solution enabled by the modular MetaFluent Server Framework. This Provider offers the full range of capabilities provided by the Server, including clustering and load-balancing, multiple Application Contexts and various data adapters, transformation and modeling options. This provides a very thin, zero-configuration library, minimizing the footprint at the application node (desktop).

MetaFluent JMS RMDS Provider

This JMS Provider relies on underlying RMDS APIs to provide an implementation. This Provider offers a relatively straight-forward mapping of RMDS functionality to JMS. This is an example of a "wrapper" API, in which the logic required to present RMDS data as JMS messages executes on the application node (e.g., the desktop).