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Market Data: A challenge for most JMS implementations

If the benefits of the JMS standard are so obvious, why isn't JMS used for market data everywhere? The answer—as many experienced market data engineers have discovered—is that traditional JMS implementations just can't hack it. More specifically, they fail to satisfy five key requirements: publishing on demand, providing initial values for subscribers, enforcing content-based entitlements for fee-liable data, supplying efficient data quality indications, and providing sufficient performance.

MetaFluent Publishing Solutions

Many trading firms need to publish internally generated data streams. In fact, some create more internal data than they consume from the markets. Traditional approaches to internal publishing involve numerous hops and components. This increases latency, complicates configuration, and provides too little control over data flows.

MetaFluent offers LAN-based publishing solutions that are simple and low-latency, yet functionally rich.

Publishing interfaces

There are currently two ways to publish through a MetaFluent solution: from Excel or via an API.

MetaFluent for Value-Added Data

Trading organizations today develop an increasing number of applications that ingest dynamic data such as streaming prices and execution reports, and publish data streams containing rates, analytics, positions, and risk information. While it would be nice to use legacy technology for this integration, that can be a challenge. Such solutions involve many moving parts with complicated configuration, leaving the solution fragile and with poor performance.

Why JMS?

Consistent with our design philosophy, MetaFluent supports industry-standard JMS as an API for publishing and subscribing to dynamic data such as streaming market data. Why JMS?

Simple, vendor-neutral interface to market data

Business problem:

The proprietary interfaces of traditional market data systems--in addition to being vendor-specific--impose significant business costs and risks. API conventions, configuration, symbology, and data layouts can be unfamiliar and cumbersome for developers. These issues slow the time to market for new applications and increase the time spent on maintenance over the application lifecycle.

MetaFluent Entitlements Direct

A 2-page overview of MetaFluent Entitlements Direct.

MetaFluent for RMDS

A 2-page overview of MetaFluent for RMDS.

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