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Product Overview

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MetaFluent Add-In for Excel. A streamlined, pure-RTD approach to consuming and publishing dynamic data within the Excel container. The MetaFluent Add-In for Excel provides higher performance, better compatibility and a smaller footprint than competing solutions. Available now.

MetaFluent Excel VBA SDK. A programming interface ideal for simple desktop applications that leverages the Excel Add-In RTD solution. Its hybrid push/pull event model insulates applications from high-volume streams. Applications consume up-to-date data as often as they are capable. Availability:
COM - Available now.

MetaFluent Architecture Overview

Overview of the architecture for developers and the tech-minded.

Standards-Based Application Programming Interfaces

Describe the business drivers for standards-based APIs


Andrew MacGaffey, Founder, President and CTO.

Andrew is widely regarded as a pioneer with a deep understanding of the needs of financial application developers and a talent for exploiting new technologies. With over 25 years’ experience in realtime information technology, his expertise includes APIs, messaging middleware, in-memory caching, system management, and entitlements. He is a highly skilled software architect, project manager, and server-side C++ and Java developer.

Prior to co-founding MetaFluent, Andrew was CTO of MetaFluent’s parent company, tbdCorp, where he helped to found the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC), the technology performance experts (see

Our Mission

MetaFluent's mission is to make trading organizations more agile by providing them with software that simplifies the development, deployment, and migration of applications that use dynamic data. It does this through unique ways of abstracting data sources behind industry standard APIs and user interfaces.


MetaFluent products are deployed in some of the largest global trading organizations. Customer references are available upon request.

Business Use-Cases

The MetaFluent architecture has been developed over several years to respond to a number of related business uses. Click on a use case below for more information.

Simple, vendor-neutral access to market data

The proprietary APIs and data models of traditional market data systems impose significant costs and risks, and also limit business-unit flexibility. MetaFluent hides vendor complexity while enabling applications to publish and subscribe market data via standards-based interfaces, along with conventions (such as symbology) that make sense to a given user group.

High-performance, vendor-neutral Excel integration

Company Background

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